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    Low Calorie Biscuit Spread


    Our Everest 8 Calorie Biscuit Spread is an absolute game-changer! We have taken the beloved classic biscuit flavoured spread and transformed it into a low calorie, zero sugar version to be enjoyed minus the guilt. Our biscuity, sweet and delicious spread tastes exactly the same as the original version just helps you reach your goals with calorie management!  We don’t think weight loss needs to be boring at Everest, which is why we have developed our 8 Calorie Biscuit spread to be so delicious – guilt free snacking is at the top of our priority list for our customers. Try it now and never look back!

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    Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Spread


    Chocolate lovers listen up, now you can get your hands on Everest’s Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Spread which is a delicious blend of Hazelnut Chocolate, and definitely a favourite of ours on the Everest team! Our creamy, chocolatey and nutty spread, has the great taste of traditional Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads without the excess calories! What more could we ask for? The best bit about our Milk Chocolate Hazelnut spread? It’s low in calories, low in sugar and packed with protein so you can snack while improving your training. Our spread is ideal for guilt free snacking and not compromising on taste while trying to cut calories and maintain muscle.