Our Story


Everest was born in September of 2014 after creator and company director Séamus Tighe graduated from the SuperValu Food Academy programme. Séamus noticed a gap in the market for quick, healthy, on-the-go food which is high in proteins, fibres and isn’t packed with sugars. Everest Snacks are ideal for any time of the day; for a breakfast on-the-go, a snack in work, or for some post-workout fuel.

Mount Everest is the roof of the world and that's what we're aiming for with this company - that is, to produce good quality food which tastes great.

Seamus Tighe CreatorCompany Director, Everest Snacks

What initially started as three flagship granola cups has since grown into the Everest Snacks range currently on shelves in stores nationwide. All of our products are filled with healthy seeds, fruits and nuts, delivering a range of nutritional benefits and leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

Everybody has their own Everest to conquer, whether that is related to their job, a sport, a hobby, or in their personal life. We at Everest want to help people realise their potential, providing our customers with the fuel they need to meet the challenges life throws at them head on and climb their own personal Everest.


Everest is unique in the quality of our ingredients, the majority of which are Irish sourced. Our cups contain unique oats, seeds, fruit and whey protein with award winning yoghurt and fresh compotes. We offer a large portion size of 200g, 50g more than many of our leading competitors meaning Everest Snacks stave off hunger for longer.